Issue 1 / 2017

Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology

ISSN 2068 – 0317

Volume 8, Number 1

Guest Editor: Emanuel Sociaciu


Research articles

Richard Pfeilstetter  / Startup communities: Notes on the sociality of tech-entrepreneurs in Manchester

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Mihai Stelian Rusu / The posthumous condition of gossip: Death and its reputational benediction

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Mara Stan  / Healthy nutrition and health-washing corporate discourses across three organizations in the fast food and soft drinks industry

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Review articles

Alin Croitoru  / Schumpeter, Joseph Alois, 1939, “Business Cycles: A Theoretical, Historical, and Statistical Analysis of the Capitalist Process“, New York and London, McGraw – Hill Book Company Inc.

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