Pfeilstetter [Abstract]

Startup communities: Notes on the sociality of tech-entrepreneurs in Manchester
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Richard Pfeilstetter [1]

Abstract:In this contribution I explore the conflicting moralities and practices of technology entrepreneurship through the lenses of Mary Douglas’ Grid-Group Cultural Theory. Starting from the distinction between communitarian, individualistic and hierarchical culture, I explore my empirical material drawn from ethnographic fieldwork in Manchester, UK. In particular, I describe the sociality of young male tech-entrepreneurs at networking events, ‘coffices’ and coworkspaces around an urban ‘creative quarter’. I argue that ‘startup communities’ simultaneously encourage individualistic market-competition, contribute to feelings of local group-belonging and are narrative constructions promoted by entrepreneurs, corporations and the State.

Keywords: Manchester, entrepreneurial ecosystems, coworking, cultural theory, startup community

[1] University of Seville, Spain,