Creanga [Abstract]

A dive into copresence and presence literature
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Raluca Creangă [1]

Abstract: This paper reviews the origins and definitions of copresence and social presence in the writings of Heidegger, Goffman, Short, Zhao, among other significant authors. It distinguishes the types of copresence and social presence while examining their meanings and implications. In the existing discussions about the extensive presence of technology into human activities, the concept of copresence is strongly connected with the concept of social presence. In some researches, they are presented as synonyms, while in others they are exposed as related concepts. Taking into consideration the researches of Short (1976) and Zhao (2003), I highlight that the concept of social presence represents a sense of copresence (Zhao, 2002) and I argue the importance of this perspective might be helpful for explaining the complicated realms of existing technological situations and social experiences. Recent literature combines copresence and social presence under the concept of social copresence, that expands the previous definitions for enabling the research of smart devices.

Keywords: Copresence; social presence; social copresence; new technologies; social experiences;

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania,