Butkaliuk [Abstract]

The problems of socio-economic inequality and social justice in the modern Ukraine
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Vitalina Butkaliuk [1]

Abstract: The article analyzes the causes and consequences of socio-economic inequality growing in Ukraine as a result of market transformations of its economy after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This issue in Ukraine, the second largest country in the post-Soviet space, is being investigated in the context of socio-economic changes in the world capitalism system in the 21st century. Particular attention is given to the study of public opinion on the observance of the principles of social justice and the distribution of public goods in modern Ukraine. For this purpose, the author uses the sociological monitoring data provided by the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1994-2019), as well as the results of the sociological research of Research & Branding Group (2017-2020).

Keywords: Neoliberalism; socio-economic inequality; justice; Ukraine;

[1] Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine, vbutkalyuk@ukr.net.