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Vocabularies of motive by which women justify their decisions to not have children
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Bianca-Andreea Costache[1]

Abstract: This paper discusses six vocabularies of motive through which women justify their decision to not have children, by using a case study of comments posted on YouTube. In the sociological sense proposed by Mills (1940), a satisfying or adequate reason is one that satisfies those who ask the question. As a formulation, a reason tends to be an acceptable response to questions about social and linguistic behavior. The research method employed is qualitative content analysis and the analysis consists of 85 comments posted on YouTube in response to three videos from different content creators. In conclusion, two of the vocabularies of motive focused on providing a decent life for the child, three vocabularies of motive prioritized the happiness and well-being of the women involved until the moment of deciding to become a mother, and the last vocabularies focus on the society’s reaction.

Keywords: Vocabularies of motive; Comments; Birth; Children; Childfree; Women;

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania,,