Stoicescu [Abstract]

The globalized online dating culture: Reframing the dating process through online dating
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Maria Stoicescu [1]

Abstract: The use of online dating websites and applications is becoming an increasingly accepted way to meet a potential partner. Dating is known to be an ambiguous and contradictory process, highly vulnerable to influences from cultural settings. In this paper I argue upon the capabilities online dating may have in reframing the dating process and in generating changes in the social structure of our society. These changes would result in the adherence of a globalized dating culture as online dating applications increase in popularity world-wide. This paper also reviews literature on behaviour in online dating environment, underling the advantageous characteristic that computer-mediated communication is known to have. Moreover, a retrospective with regard to popular concepts that explain relationships in the digital era is made.

Keywords: Online dating, culture, globalization, digital society, modern relationships, computer-mediated communication, online behavior

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania,