Zamfirescu [Abstract]

Perceptions and attitudes regarding the vaccination debate in Europe: Empirical typologies and regional inequalities
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Raisa-Gabriela Zamfirescu [1]

Abstract: Vaccination concerns and motivations regarding this topic are increasingly discussed not only among specialists but also by the general public. In this paper I rely on the Eurobarometer 91.2/ 2019 survey and I classify European respondents in four attitudinal profiles, from the skeptical ones to the pro-vaccination type. This survey conducted by the European Commission is the most recent study in the field with a European coverage which allow us to compare and view nationally and regionally this sensible topic. This empirical classification captures statistical variability and helps build a more nuanced profile of European countries, in order to adapt national policies of awareness to vaccination and the current health risks.

Keywords: Vaccination; Survey research; Attitudinal clusters; K-means clusters;

[1] PhD Candidate, Doctoral School of Sociology, University of Bucharest, Romania,