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Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology

ISSN 2068 – 0317

Special issue: The Socio-Economic Realities of Post-Industrial Capitalism

Volume 11, Number 2


Thematic articles – Special issue The Socio-Economic Realities of Post-Industrial Capitalism (Part II)

Anca Mihai / Learning from European cities: Good practices on implementing green infrastructure for reducing the risk of disaster

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Vitalina Butkaliuk / The problems of socio-economic inequality and social justice in the modern Ukraine

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Eduardo Andrés Villavicencio Pinto / The meaning of the land as a central element in the capitalist modernization of Chilean agriculture

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Other research articles 
Adriana Sohodoleanu / The production of the ‘New Romanian Cuisine’: Elite local taste and globalisation

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Gabriel-Alexandru Toma & Adina-Gabriela Scripcariu / Misinformation ecosystems: A typology of fake news

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Raisa Zamfirescu / Perceptions, attitudes and preferences of Europeans regarding smoking and electronic cigarettes – empirical typologies and regional inequalities

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 List of Compaso reviewers in 2020 [Full text / pdf]