Jugănaru [Abstract]

Creating an identity – safe spaces and events in LGBTQIA+ community: A literature review
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Iulia Jugănaru [1]

Abstract: Through history, people who are part of sexual minorities were marginalized, abused and for a long time had no or little rights. In order to discover the way that public and semi-public spaces are organized through sexuality, I reviewed the literature on this topic. The idea of queer spaces is quite new and its present how a space, public or semi-public can be, or become safe, inclusive and appropriate for all the people, including the LGBTQAI+. For this literature review I identified 44 articles and books about safe spaces and how to create them and about events, such as prides and the way that those two concepts shape the identity of LGBTQAI+ individuals and the community.

Keywords:Sexual orientation, LGBTQAI+, culture, safe space, identity, literature review

[1] University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, iuliajuganaru02@yahoo.com