Radogna [Abstract]

The concept of habitus in migration studies. A literature review
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Rosa-Maria Radogna [1]

Abstract: The article reviews the use of Bourdieu’s concept of habitus in migration studies in order to understand the contribution that the concept can give to the field. After a short presentation of the concept in Bourdieu theory and of critical perspectives on the status of migration studies, I reviewed 15 papers which apply the concept of habitus in the context of human mobility. The studies show that the concept can be used to investigate the mobility experience of different categories of migrant. Also, it is useful to analyze the impact of migration on families and communities left behind. Finally, some of the authors use the concept of transnational habitus as the specific habitus which results by the migration experience in transnational spaces.

Keywords: Migration; habitus; transnational habitus; cosmopolitan habitus; economic capital; social capital; cultural capital;

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania, marisa.radogna82@gmail.com.