Issue 2 / 2016 Digital technologies & Classifying people

Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology

ISSN 2068 – 0317

Special issue: “Living with(in) digital technology” & “Classifying people: From gender and age to zodiac signs and personality types”

Volume 7, Number 2


Research articles – Special issue on Living with(in) digital technology

Bianca Balea / The role of smartphones in increasing digital and social inequalities among Romanian children

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Anca Mihai, Georgiana-Cristina Rentea, Daniela Gaba, Florin Lazăr  & Shari Munch / Connectivity and discontinuity in social work practice: Challenges and opportunities of the implementation of an e-social work system in Romania

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Carlos Gámez-Pérez / New affective models of knowledge transmission: The Medialab-Prado as a trading zone

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Ioana-Alexandra Rusu / Exchanging health advice in a virtual community: A story of tribalization

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Oana Mara Stan / Cryonics suspension – debating life finitude, extending time capital and cancelling death

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Gyöngyvér Tőkés / Digital practices in everyday lives of 4 to 6 years old Romanian children

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Research articles – Special issue on Classifying people: From gender and age to zodiac signs and personality types

Alexandra Ciocănel  / “A remedy that suits me”: Classification of people and individualization in homeopathic prescribing

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Julie Rausenberger / ¿Mi cuerpo? ¡Mi vida! Voicing Latin American transgenders in Antwerp’s sex industry

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Book review

Kris Decker / Starosielski, N. (2015) The Undersea Network. Durham: Duke University Press Book

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List of Compaso reviewers in 2016 [Full text / pdf]