Issue 1 / 2016 Sociology of celebration

Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology

ISSN 2068 – 0317

Special issue: Sociology of celebration

Guest editors: Ismo Kantola (University of Turku) and Mihai Stelian Rusu (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu)

Volume 7, Number 1



Mihai Stelian Rusu & Ismo Kantola / A time of meta-celebration: Celebrating the sociology of celebration

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Research articles

Linda Wilks & Bernadette Quinn / Linking social capital, cultural capital and heterotopia at the folk festival

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Saara Koikkalainen, Jarno Valkonen & Heikki Huilaja / Drunken sled dogs: Celebration, alcohol use and teamwork in nature tourism guiding

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Monika Salzbrunn / When the mosque goes Beethoven: Expressing religious belongings through music

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Sabina Hadžibulić & Mikko Lagerspetz / The colonization of a celebration: The transformations of Krsna Slava

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Laura Arosio / Old and new rites of passage in contemporary Western societies: A focus on marriage and divorce ceremonies

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Tijana Trako Poljak / Change and contestation of meaning in the commemoration of Croatian Statehood Day

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Mihai Stelian Rusu / Celebrating the royal liturgy within the national calendrical memory – The politics of festive time in the Romanian Kingdom, 1866–1947

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