Gandolfi [Abstract]

Once upon a bit: Ludic identities in Italy, from militant nostalgia to frivolous divertissement [Full text]

Enrico Gandolfi [1]

Abstract:  The relation between gaming consumption and subcultural feelings represents an issue challenging to explore because of the current multiplication of identity affiliations. Furthermore, games are a cultural sector characterized by constant turning points and a persistent growth of audiences in numerical and variety terms. The ‘game culture’ itself has become an ephemeral concept, while digital entertainment is catalyzing the public attention and influencing the habits of other gaming sectors. This article aims to shed light on the relation between old and new (or less old) ludus as social and identity frame. Applying a mixed approach between Sociology and Cultural Studies, I have interviewed 64 subjects among common players, gatekeepers, association’s leaders, publishers, shop’s owners and game designers associated with non-digital game cultures in Italy. The intent was to explore the impact of the diffusion of digital games on already established gaming environments and then the ‘identity bricolage’ acted by individuals between the two sides.

Keywords: Game culture, Italy, qualitative methodology, cultural studies, identity, non-digital games

[1] Kent State University, United States of America,