Alexe [Abstract]

Romantic relationships and their transformation in the reflexive society – themes and methods in Jean-Claude Kaufmann’s surveys  [Full text]

Lavinia Alexe  [1]

Abstract: The process of individualization, associated with reflexive modernity, which assumes that individual actions are legitimized as a result of increased reflexivity, produces major changes in the universe of love action. Following Anthony Giddens (1992), who observed that increased autonomy and reflexivity were both elements that have shaken the romantic love, Jean-Claude Kaufmann notices the deep changes occurring in the way in which romantic relations are experienced while this type of transformation happens slower in respect to love imagery. The space, an increasingly detraditionalised world, opens up glorious new opportunities for individual autonomy and self-realization (Mottier, 2007), creating, at the same time, unprecedented pressures on long-term relationships, more and more women and men choosing to live alone.Keywords: Jean-Claude Kaufmann, romantic love, relationships, survey

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania,