Gámez-Pérez [Abstract]

New affective models of knowledge transmission: The Medialab-Prado as a trading zone
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Carlos Gámez-Pérez [1]

Abstract:  This article analyzes the Medialab-Prado cultural space, located in Madrid, which is developing a project involving arts, scientific dissemination, and transmission of knowledge through digital networks and collective culture. It is conceived as a great citizens’ laboratory. The article demonstrates that this new model of sociocultural organization has changed the ways in which knowledge is transmitted through technology. It has also modified the Medialab’s actors’ access to information. In order to do so, I will use the sociological theories of Bruno Latour and the study of the transmission of knowledge in transdisciplinary environments carried out by Peter Galison on the history of science, as well as some epistemological notions and aspects of affective atmospheres.

Keywords: Medialab, trandisciplinarity, digital culture, description, creolization

[1] University of Miami, United States of America, c.gamez1@umiami.edu