Ravetz [Abstract]

Flowerman [Full text]

Amanda Ravetz  [1]

AbstractI am engaged in a project about reverie, using poetics and storytelling as my method. Where does one person’s reverie start and another’s end? What uses might anthropology have for reverie? Taking the form of a braided narrative, Flowerman, meshes my voice with others to explore the entanglements of reverie, its fundamental inter-subjectivity. But rather than call this autobiography or autoethnography, I regard it as a form of inter-subjective practice-led research, aimed at shared understanding. To speak of practice-led research is to evoke the precepts of artistic research as much as those of anthropology. Artistic research does not imagine a separation between knowledge production, and making processes. The insights yielded here through making, and reflection on making, are folded back into the practices of storytelling.

Keywords: Reverie, practice-led research, creativity, poetics of space

[1] Senior Research Fellow in Practice-as-Research, Manchester, United Kingdom, A.Ravetz@mmu.ac.uk