Kadaifçiu [Abstract]

Vocabularies of motives in the education of deaf students [Full text]

Oltion Kadaifçiu  [1]

AbstractCommunication is a foundational step for more elaborated constructions of society such as education or institution. A reverse impact is also present in different forms among which the vocabularies of motives. In specific conditions such as the one of deaf students, this reverse direction gains an increased role, especially in conditions when an appropriate mode of communication has not been developed, as it is the case with the Albanian sign language. This paper tries to identify how vocabularies of motives are constructed among Albanian deaf students while in the process of education. It argues that among other factors, the independence of the process from other social contexts seems to be of importance in the efficiency of the vocabularies of motives constructed for the purpose.

Keywords: Motivation vocabularies, deaf, language, education, institution

[1] Independent researcher, oltion.kadaifciu@gmail.com