Borlescu [Abstract]

Being a homeopath. Learning and practice in a homeopathic community   [Full text]

Ana Maria Borlescu  [1]

Abstract: In this In this paper I look at the Romanian homeopathic practice through the conceptual lens of the communities of practice. Through interviews with homeopathic practitioners, I investigate the ways they accumulate and share their specific knowledge. Also, I inquire about some homeopathic practices and concepts, such as the consult and the vital force. Then, I present the way homeopaths combine methods that are specific to their practice with biomedical techniques and procedures in order to obtain a better diagnostic and also how they evaluate the usefulness of homeopathic knowledge in comparison with biomedical knowledge. Although this is a small scale research, it sheds light on the importance of the continuous learning process and knowledge sharing that goes on between homeopathic practitioners.

Keywords: Communities of practice, knowledge, learning, homeopathy

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest,