La Rocca [Abstract]

Follow me on analysis of a distraction online and of its consequences on daily life   [Full-text]

Gevisa la Rocca  [1]

Abstract: The narration of a story is a work half-way between the real and the virtual, the factual and the functional. The request to join a social network sent to 281 people is an pretext to reflect on what happens in the world online and its consequences on life offline. To analyze this “incident” raises two questions: first, how to tell the event happened, second how to interpret the unexpected consequences of intentional action that is work half-way between the online and offline. In this work we choose to use as a method the auto-ethnography, and try to interpret the event through: Merton’s concept of the unexpected consequences of a social action and literature on SNS. Our story offers a further point of reflection, that is, what happens when the virtual, and all that takes place in it, becomes part of daily life.

Keywords: Everyday stories, auto-ethnography, social action, unexpected consequences, daily life

[1] Researcher at the Kore, University of Enna,