Talmor Et Al [Abstract]

Success IS a choice! Explaining success in Academic Preparation Programs in Israel    [Full text]

Rachel Talmor [1], Orly Kayam [2], Ella Shoval [3] and Yair Galily [4]

AbstractOperating within universities and colleges, Academic Preparation Programs in Israel (APPs) allow students in their twenties a second chance to pass their matriculation examinations, a requirement for acceptance by academic institutions. This research aims at explaining the success of students who have succeeded in passing matriculation examinations who have failed in the past. For this purpose we interviewed 28 such students. The findings suggest four different factors that have impacted these students: 1) The changes that occurred in the students themselves; 2) The teachers’ support; 3) The support provided by the learning environment; 4) the students’ recognition of the opportunity they reccived in the APP compared with their high school studies.

Keywords: Sociology of education, success in learning, academic preparation program, qualitative research

[1] Haifa University, Israel

[2] Orde Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports, Israel

[3] Washington College of Education

[4] The Zinman College of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Israel, galiliy@wincol.ac.il