Croitoru [Abstract]

An insight into the nature of the relationship between migration and entrepreneurship [Full text]

Alin Croitoru  [1]

AbstractHaving as starting point a research field within the Romanian immigrant community from Graz, this paper assumes two ambitious objectives. Firstly, the article highlights some of the features of Romanian migration to Austria, an under-researched country of destination. Secondly, the paper attempts to supply a brief introduction into a very broad topic, namely the relationship between migration and entrepreneurship. Here we also attempt an understanding of how individuals’ experience of international migration affects their propensity to entrepreneurial behaviors. The concept of entrepreneurship follows the lines described by Austrian economics which allows for a deeper insight into the individuals subjective perspectives on stimulating and inhibiting factors for entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Romanian migration, entrepreneurship, social capital, human capital

[1] Doctoral student at Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania,