Marinescu [Abstract]

When stuff gets covered in fluff in order to build up a paradoxical existence   [Full text]

Alina Petra Marinescu  [1]

AbstractLiving immaterially in an over-materialized world seems to have become one of today’s paradoxes. More and more often what can’t be touched looks like getting greater “weight” than palpable things, commonly known as stuff. It seems that we are living in a “fluff-made world” as Richard Lanham, author of “The Economics of Attention” (2006) underlined in his study; a world he perceives as being mainly made up of information and visual representation. Even if we are dealing with everyday realities, talking about the surrounding fluff tends to receive a science fictional connotation. Various authors have fantasized over this topic, but getting inspired by a true story, Emma Donoghue succeeded into masterly depicting the ways in which a desperate mom got the power to deliberately mix fluff and stuff in a spectacular way. “Room” (2010) is a fascinating story of a young woman kidnapped, raped and locked up for years in a room together with her son.

Keywords: Stuff, fluff, reality, life, world, imagination

[1] Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest,