Schifirnet [Abstract]

The Europeanization of the Romanian society and the tendential modernity     [Full text]

Constantin Schifirneţ [1]

Abstract: The study examines the tendential modernity as an explanatory factor of the particularities of the Europeanization of the Romanian society. I start from the thesis that the evolution of the Europeanization process in Romania is closely associated with the process of accession to the European Union, finalized after the passing through a sinuous and difficult route. The analysis of the Europeanization of the Romanian society pursues the stages of its formation in the local context. Due to the fact thatRomaniawill still continue to be a society in transition, the most critical and relevant problem regards the dependency of the Romanian society on the strong societies inEurope. Under these circumstances, the question is, whetherRomaniawill represent a periphery ofEurope, or a national community with a European standard of development. Europeanization in its real sense does not mean “westernization”. Through the adherence to the European Union, Romanian society has the chance to put an end to the successive transitions known over its modern history, generators of tendential modernity. The Europeanization constitutes the fundamental purpose of the modernization processes of the Romanian society.

Keywords: Europeanization, European Union, modernization, society in transition, tendential modernity

[1] Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest,